AEC ARM Three Phase 10 – 60KW

This three phase grid-tied inverters is based on a mature and efficient fanless & transformerless design that features >99.5% MPPT efficiency, easy operation, internal GFCI, and powerful communication options.  Aside from Single Phase models, Three Phase versions are also vailable from 10KW to 60KW). These inverters are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) capability with wide input range from 200V to 950V, providing excellent system design flexibility. Fully certified by leading safety standards VDE0126-1-1/CE, these inverters makes your dream of a free energy world come true.  Communication option includes  RS485 Modbus card to PC interface.

Main features:

  • Max conversion efficiency >99.5%
  • Muliple MPPT tracking
  • Maximum up to 60KW
  • Maximum  950VDC input
  • Low power consumption & transformerless design
  • Series connection with RS485 modbus module
  • Compatible with many communication accessories
  • VDE0126-1-1 certified (Germany, France, and most of other European countries)
  • CE certified
  • 5-year warranty


RM Three Phase 10 – 60KW Catalog PDF