Engineering division plans, manages and provides services in procurement, supply, and installation of electrical, mechanical and water drainage equipment & systems projects. The engineering division is responsible for the design and installation technology of various extra high voltage/high voltage/low voltage electrical projects, water supply & drainage sanitation projects, air-conditioning projects, and environmental projects.

Major Projects:
Extra high voltage power substation Engineering
Transmission and distribution line project
Power and lighting project
Co-generation system project
Generator system project
Water supply and drainage sanitation project
Air-conditioning system project
Audio broadcasting and telecommunications system project
Central monitoring, control, and signaling system project
Proceeding Projects:
Tunnel electrical engineering at the East-West expressway in Taiwan
Electrical & mechanical engineering at Taoyuan station of Taiwan High Speed Rail
Transportation Project

With a solid foundation of more than three decades of experiences, the rail engineering division at AEC has been at the forefront of railway electrical system engineering with a wealth of experience accumulated through participating in several major infrastructure projects such as Taipei MRT project, the High Speed Rail project and the TRA upgrade project.

Main Services:
Traction Power System
Overhead Catenary System
Wayside E&M System
Signalling System
Communication System
Power SCADA System
DC power supply
Rectifier, charger and UPS
Rectifier transformer
Track E&M equipment
Power Engineering

AEC’s innovative culture allows our engineers to develop a concept to convert an outdoor substation into an indoor substation to create harmony within the surrounding community.

Main Services:
Engineering planning, design, supply, construction, and test running of distribution substations
Proceeding Projects:
Taiwan Power Company Hu-Ging distribution substation EPC project

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