AEC ARM Self-consumption


Inverter for self consumption of PV electricity application
Iconic display easy to monitor energy flow
Default smart meter with split-core CT for smart load control and easy installation
Selectable scenarios for sophisticated energy application
Special external capacitor modular design for long life span
High battery discharge power (5.3kW), charge / discharge efficiency > 95%
Optimize charge / discharge control for long life span of Li-ion battery (optional)
Extendable Li-ion battery pack design from 4kWh~20kWh (optional)
IP65 fan-less nature cooling design / up to 50°C without derating.

Main features:

  • Max conversion efficiency >96%
  • MPPT tracking
  • Low power consumption & transformerless design
  • Series connection with RS485 modbus module
  • IP 65 design for outdoor use
  • Built-in DC switch
  • Compatible with many communication accessories
  • VDE0126-1-1 certified (Germany, France, and most of other European countries)
  • DK5940 certified (Italy)
  • G83 certified (UK)
  • AS4774 (Australia, New Zealand)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Solar Control software included with purchase


ARM Self-consumption: Slefnergy Series Catalog PDF