Star T6I series

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  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • High input PF>0.99 ;Input current THDi<4%
  • Battery cold start
  • Full protection with 4 circuit breakers
  • Parallel up to 8 units
  • Optional in-build output transformer for different application

ST6I-3310XS/XL 10kVA
ST6I-3315XS/XL 15kVA
ST6I-3320XS/XL 20kVA
ST6I-3330XS/XL 30kVA
ST6I-3340XS/XL 40kVA
ST6I-3360X 60kVA
ST6I-33100X 100kVA
ST6I-33200X 200kVA
ST6I-33300X 300kVA
ST6I-33400X 400kVA
ST6I-33500X 500kVA

P18 ST6I Series (10k-40k)_2018

P20 ST6I Series (60k-500k)_2018


On-Line 3 in/3 out UPS 10kVA ~ 500kVA