Cast Resin Transformer

  • Hazard-free to the environment
    AEC cast resin transformer is insulated with an epoxy quartz power mixture: a non-hazardous material,which makes the windings maintenance-free, humidity-resistant, tropicalized, fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. Even when it is exposed to arcing, no toxic gases are generated.
  • High reliability
    Foil winding combined with simple winding techniques is used on the H.V. windings. It meets the high degree of electrical safety. The insulation is subjected to less electrical stress than winding of other types in a conventional round-wire winding, and the interturn voltage can be added up to twice the interlayer voltage. While in a foil winding it never exceeds the simple voltage per turn because a layer consists of only one winding turn. The foil winding therefore has a high A.C. voltage and impulse voltage withstand capacity.
  • Flexibility
    AEC cast resin transformer provides options for top or bottom connection on both the H.V. and the L.V. class. Plug-in connections are also available. Cross-flow fans with temperature-dependent control can be installed to provide capacity reserve and to meet peak load period demands. With forced air cooling, the transformer out-put can be raised 40%. Special features necessary to oil-immersed transformers such as oil catch basin and fire separation will not be required. AEC cast resin transformers is well suited for installation in high-rise buildings, hospitals, subways, underground vaults, tunnels, school, steel factories, chemical plants and places where fire safety is a great concern.


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For the demand of safety for the power distribution equipments, dry type transformer with fire resistant, non-polluting and humidity resistant features are often the right choice. AEC’s cast resin transformer provides the best and safest service to all kinds of power distribution system applications.