cable car 24-110V charger

  • Thyristor control with full bridge rectifier.
  • Rated voltage and current limit at output side.
  • Built in the features of low ripple, low noise, alarm indications,
  • comprehensive protection.
  • Stable control circuit to provide a stable DC output power.
  • Using nontoxic
  • electric cable for wiring.
  • AC input
    Frequency:50 or 60Hz±5%
  • Power factor:0.8(at full load)
  • Output capacity:15kW(at 110V) 12kW(at 29V)
  • Output voltage Float voltage:112.5V(adjustable) 29.6V(adjustable)
    Equalize voltage:118V(adjustable) 31V(adjustable)
  • Voltage regulation:Ÿ ±5%(at rating load)
  • Efficiency:>80%(at rated load)
  • Current limit:adjustable from 50% to 130%
  • Ripple:<5%RMS(at full load)

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